Five Reasons You Should Work With Local Spirits

5. They are already there.

It's a spirit party, right in your own backyard.

It’s a spirit party, right in your own backyard.

Why go out of your way to find spirits to work with you when there are spirits right in the place you already are? There is a wide variety of spirits just about anywhere in the world, nature spirits live in your local park, or in your lawn, spirits of water hang out anywhere there is water, including your sink when you do dishes. There are spirits of places, like the very building you live in, and spirits of information, technology, and knowledge, are just about everywhere.

4. They know a lot about your area.

This garden just got weird.

This garden just got weird.

So does Google, but these spirits have all kinds of good info about your neighbors, what time of year there are really sudden showers, and how great of a likelihood there will be a power surge during a storm. All around good things to know. If you are a forager like me, these spirits will know where the most tasty local plants can be found, or where the best places to plant your garden is.


3. They are probably more interested in working with you.


Can't you people get in a line?

Can’t you people get in a line?

Let’s face it, those fancy spirits you read about in books are busy! And because there are more people vying for their attention, they are less likely to want to help you out with little things, like where is the best place for your rituals. The local spirits are smaller spirits who don’t have their names listed in books, and these spirits are less busy because of that. They may not have had the opportunity to work with a human who communicates with them, helps them out, and even if they are wary of you at first, they often form close friendships with the people who reach out to them. And who doesn’t need more spirit friends?


2. They have needs you can fill.


Spirit feeding time!

Spirit feeding time!

This may seem like less of a concern to you, but help a spirit out here! Many spirits work with barter and trade, you do something for them, they do something for you. Possibly that spirit who can help ground your rituals just wants a glass of beer left on the back porch. Or that spirit of creative inspiration who can help your poetry would like you to sing a song for them.


1. Smaller spirits means less drama.

Well that got out of hand.

Well that got out of hand.

We all like the idea of working with some big powerful spirit that helps us get what we want, teaches us ancient knowledge, and imbues us with power! However those larger spirits are a lot more demanding, want larger offerings, and are more likely to want and have the upper hand. Sometimes they are jerks, and whoever is working with them, can find out just how much of a jerk they are a bit late. However, smaller, local spirits can help you create a good connection to the place you are in, and learn to use your own power better. And that is worth much more than borrowed power from an unreliable source!

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  1. Jorge Gradilla
    Jorge Gradilla says:

    Hi. What do you mean with “information” and “technology” spirits and what would be an example of practical aproach of colaborarion with them?

    • Seb
      Seb says:

      Just in the same way that there are spirits who collect knowledge (kinda like the gods Mercury and Thoth, but less powerful) there are spirits who collect information. With animism the belief is that everything has a spirit. Including objects like your computer, cars, phones, etc. A spirit of information can be contacted and you can bargain with them for information. “I’ll bring you cookies if you promise to make sure I can easily find applicable information on this subject.” If you ask them to aid you and continue doing research you will have the best possible odds. If you just ask them to tell you information through dreams or meditation that could be unclear, or unreliable information. Hope that helps!


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