Winter Altar

Altar Maintenance

By the time I arrived home to my little cabin, I was exhausted and happy from my winter weekend adventure. Later that night it was time to keep my promises to some of the spirits in my life. I striped down and stumbled outside, the snow was already frozen on top and I beat it with my fist before cleansing myself in snow.

Cleansed, I was ready for a new cycle of the moon.

Winter Altar

Today, Sunday, was a day of ritual and more cleansing. I have eight altars in our cabin; each one for a different part of the soul, and when they are changed, so am I. When my altars get dusty, dirty, disorganized, or random objects end up in the same space as the altar, so too I get sick more easily, have a hard time keeping a clear thought process, getting motivated, all sorts of little quirks.

So once a month at the new moon I clean and reorganize the altars. At least seven of the eight altars.

Candles on the Altar

I lit candles or oil lamps at each altar, and the altar in the kitchen where my spirit helpers eat and the house spirit gets her tea, there was fresh tea and apple slices.

Vitality Altar

By the time the altars are cleaned and have candles lit at them I am buzzing with energy and am almost intoxicated by the intensity of the energy. As the hours go by the candles burn down, and go out, and here I am, wondering if I should cleanse myself with snow again tonight.

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  1. Annie Ketchum
    Annie Ketchum says:

    I am wondering, what do you do with offerings on your altars? What I mean is, bread and cakes, the apples like above, flowers, etc. Or spent candle stubs, or ashes from incense? I have always buried them, but that proves difficult when the ground has frozen cold. I wish to be respectful of these things. What do you suggest?

    • Seb
      Seb says:

      Annie, I throw them in my trash, or compost them if they are fruits and flowers. I consider them to be like scraps left after a meal for a special person, I still throw them away with all the other scraps. It’s up to each persons idea of sacred.


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