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Shamanism Classes

Whether you’re in the Seattle area or learning online, you’ll get the tools you need to safely navigate the spirit world.

Soul Healing

Taking a pill won’t fill the hole if part of your soul is missing. Many spiritual ailments can be treated with shamanism.

Ritual Tools & Art

Browse potent ritual tools, jewelry, carvings and artwork to aid you in your spiritual practice.

About Seb

I am a modern Shaman practicing old-school shamanism. Ancient peoples knew well that life is not always pleasant, and today it can be hard to find a shamanic teacher that deals with the negative side of things. I don’t make light of anyone’s struggles or suffering, and there is no use denying the dark parts of life. Parts of my life have been very dark, and everyone’s journey is different. I’m here to be awesome at what I do, and I will work for you to be awesome in your life also!

Green Stag Spiritwork is my shamanic practice, located in the Pacific Northwest (outside Seattle, Washington). It is named for one of my spirit guides. I do not follow the shamanic traditions of any one culture or people, as I was not mentored by another shaman or indigenous community. I feel that for me to do so would be a disingenuous impersonation. I am an American born of the temperate rainforests of western Washington.

Events & Workshops

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Take an Online Course

Free! A Month of Meditation

Having a clear mind is key in every aspect of spiritual work. Gain the tools to clear your mind and focus at will in any situation. This course is 4 weeks long and comes straight to your inbox.

Introduction to Energy Work

Everyone has the ability to sense and communicate with energy, but most don’t remember how to speak this language. This 6 week course will help you get started developing this ability.

Cleansing & Protection

We all need to keep ourselves and our homes energetically healthy and free of unwanted spiritual guests. These skills are a necessity for working with spirits and their world.

The Shaman's Shop


Shamanic Healing

The physical world can be harsh, and the harm in our lives shows up as the inability to change ourselves or the situations we are in, being unable to feel or express emotions, or one emotion being stronger than the rest. Often our feelings of being stuck, disconnected, confused, or lost can come from situations that become clear through spirit work. Through talking, spirit work, guided meditations and divination we can come up with a dynamic solution that helps you through whatever you are struggling with!

Pricing Info

The rate for Soul Retrievals is $100. They require a follow up several days after, either over the phone or in person. This is to make sure that the process of reabsorbing the lost piece is going smoothly.

All spirit work is $70/hour. This includes consulting, guided meditations, energy work, divination, spirit journeys, the whole lot. It often takes one to three hours to discuss the situation, what approach would be the best to take, and what sort of spirit work would be the most appropriate. This may involve doing some divination for you as well.

There is a sliding scale available – this work belongs to everyone.

Soul Retrievals

When we experience difficult and distressing situations in life, sometimes a part of ourselves is unwilling to endure. In panic or frustration, this part will break away, leaving us and often reliving the situation over and over. Someone who has lost a shard of their soul may feel something missing or have an inability to move on with their life, they may be stuck in old habits or unable to express a particular emotion. I can journey to the spirit world and find this missing soul shard, heal it, and council it as best I can. I will ask the soul shard if it is willing to return to you – if it is (and most of they time they are), I bring it back and return it to you so that you may be more whole. If the soul shard is not willing to come back we’ll know the reasons why from interacting with the shard, and from there we have the guidance needed to do healing work needed to make the space for the shard to come back. This is one of the most common and helpful practices I offer.

Spirit Journeys

The spirit world is a place of ideas and concepts, and meditation is our vehicle to journey there. Everyone and everything in this world can be found also in the spirit world. Most people exist as a place called a Personal Landscape – one of the few things large and dynamic enough to represent a complete personality. If requested and permitted, I will enter the spirit world (by meditation) and visit your landscape and observe how it looks, what is going on, and speak to the inhabitants (which are aspects of your personality). I will return to you with what I’ve seen and learned. We will discuss interpretations and I may do some divination to discern actions that may need to be taken, which may involve returning to your landscape to perform healing. Knowing what is going on in your personal landscape can give new insights into emotional blockages, harmful habits, anxieties or programed responses. Changing a few little things in your personal landscape can create freedom from many emotional and psychological hindrances, leaving you free to carry on your life with less struggle.

After a Spirit Journey, you will be emailed a written description of the what transpired for your personal records within a week. Sometimes I will recommend a follow-up meeting if there is further work to be done.

Energy Drains

Almost everyone experiences energy drains in some way or another, and sometimes they can be really hard to shake. Often we are drained by our jobs, our home life, or even by the people in our lives. Sometimes we are drained by things on a spiritual plane. These may be entities that enjoy some tasty negative emotions or are just confused and need healing themselves. I will teach you techniques for shielding yourself and creating habits that help you keep from being drained. If energy work and spirit journeying is needed, I will also provide those.

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